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Taking Care of The Caretakers!

Selina Ann Work Apparel was founded on the principle of “Taking Care of The Caretakers”. While working as a registered veterinary technician (RVT) for 12 years in the biomedical research field, Saleda fell in love with the community of passionate medical professionals and scientists. The unsung heroes who dedicated their lives to the pursuit of discovery, while making it look cool.

Our Origin

When a military move provided an opportunity to live abroad, Saleda had to leave behind her community she so deeply respected and loved. While living abroad, job opportunities were scarce, yet the desire to continue to support the medical/scientific community never left. After being rejected for yet another job simply due to being “too remote” for a remote position, the inspiration for starting a medical apparel line began to form after finding an old lab coat. Saleda partnered with a Japan-based textile company who were in the beginning stages of developing an upcycle fabric specifically geared towards medical apparel.

Our Community

Much like Saleda, Selina Ann Work Apparel embraces the quirky and practical side of the science professional by providing functional and fun medical apparel. We serve as creating a community of unique science professional, who believe in caring for and inspiring others. Our mission is to spread the message-there isn’t a damn thing wrong with being a little different. Do you!

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